GUI displaying owfs ROM codes, connected to 1-Wire Automation Server:

Server GUI

The settings page allows you the change settings in the 1-Wire server as well as the 1-Wire topology page. The settings page also displays the device nodes in a dedicated panel.


The 1-Wire Automation Software Control Panel offers an easy way to start and stop the 1-Wire server and logger in Windows. You can install the programs as a Windows service and let the system start up the 1-Wire Automation Software automatically, you don't have to log on! This is great for unattended systems.

Control Panel

Example of reading a DS2438 chip using netcat in Linux. The first command samples the DS2438's sensors and returns the temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin. The subsequent commands return Vad and Vdd.


The "slave sense" example from the PHP Client package. This one-page website expects a ROM code and optionally connection settings in the query string of the URL. The PHP code on the web server communicates with the 1-Wire server to read sensor data from the specified 1-Wire slave and sends the results back to the web client. The web server and 1-Wire server can be located on different machines. You can use the PHP source to build your own webpages that access 1-Wire slaves through the 1-Wire Automation Software.

Slave Sense

The "Big Demo" from the PHP Client package. This example website features a web-based front-end for monitoring and controlling 1-Wire slaves using the 1-Wire Automation Software. The web server and 1-Wire server can be located on different machines. You can easily adapt the PHP code for your own purposes. The layout works well on a tablet computer.

Big Demo

The 1-Wire Automation Software supports Unicode. You can use Unicode characters in names and descriptions.

1-Wire Automation Software Unicode support