Buy Online - 1-Wire Mains Switch 230V

One wire mains switch


  • Available in 2 versions for 230V AC and 120V AC.
  • Switches loads up to 10A@230V AC or 120V AC.
  • Fully mains powered, no external power supply needed.
  • Reinforced safety insulation between mains voltages and 1-Wire bus based on an Analog Devices ADUM6201 chip.
  • UL recognition (pending) 5000 V rms for 1 minute per UL 1577
  • CSA Component Acceptance Notice #5A IEC 60601-1: 125 V rms, IEC 60950-1: 380 V rms
  • VDE certificate of conformity (pending) IEC 60747-5-2 (VDE 0884 Part 2):2003-01, VIORM = 846 V peak
  • Low power consumption, typically less than 400mW.
  • 1-Wire connections via standardized RJ45 jacks or screw terminals.
  • DS2406 can be powered parasitically or mains powered via ADUM6201 chip.
  • Microcontroller can be easily replaced if you want to experiment with your own firmware.


  • Home automation, domotics.
  • Industrial automation.


The 1-Wire Automation Software includes a graphical front-end which is great for working with the mains switch:

One wire mains switch