MCU Bootloader Tool

Bootloader tool for downloading firmware in various products.



Print help:

$ ./aximcubldr -h  (Linux)

> aximcubldr.exe -h  (Windows)

Check whether the device is in bootloader mode. The MCU bootloader tool will display useful information if the device is in bootloader mode, else it'll show an error message. Example:

$ ./aximcubldr -v -serial /dev/ttyUSB0  (Linux)

> aximcubldr.exe -v -serial \\.\COM4  (Windows)

Download to flash and eeprom and run firmware. Example:

$ ./aximcubldr -v -serial /dev/ttyUSB0 -flash program.hex -eeprom data.hex -run  (Linux)

> aximcubldr.exe -v -serial \\.\COM4 -flash program.hex -eeprom data.hex -run  (Windows)

Just run the firmware. This operation comes in handy if you need to instruct the device to leave bootloader mode without actually downloading data to flash or eeprom. Example:

$ ./aximcubldr -v -serial /dev/ttyUSB0 -run  (Linux)

> aximcubldr.exe -v -serial \\.\COM4 -run  (Windows)


  • The serial paths used in the various examples may be different for your system.
  • You can specify multiple -flash and -eeprom parameters to download multiple HEX files in one go.