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One wire breakout board

This board enables you to break out the one wire connectors on the AbioWire host adapter to standard RJ45 jacks.


  • 4 screw terminals to 4 RJ45 jacks.
  • Can also be used with other one wire adapters.
  • Jumper-configurable ID chip (DS2401) per RJ45 jack to enable identification of one wire networks.
  • Jumper-configurable 5V supply for the RJ45 jacks.
  • 100 ohm termination resistor for UTP Cat5 cable impedance matching, can be disabled with a solder jumper.
  • Configurable RC filter for use with certain 1-Wire bus masters (DS2480B, DS2490, DS9097U).
  • Wired 3-pole connectors available.


  • Network identification for one wire software.
  • Home automation, domotics.
  • Industrial automation.
  • Temperature logger, weather station.
  • Scientific applications.
  • ...