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Swiss Pi

The Swiss Pi is a versatile I/O card for use with Raspberry Pi model A+ and B+, Raspberry Pi 2 model B, and Raspberry Pi 3 model B.



You can find additional documentation in directory /public/swiss/doc and other directories called "doc" in the source code.

Software - Swiss

Swiss Server is the main application for working with the Swiss Pi. This program offers the full set of features of the Swiss Pi and runs as a network server. It accepts text commands over network ports. Multiple users and programs can concurrently access the Swiss Pi both locally and remotely. I/O Card Explorer can also connect to Swiss Server and is often deployed as a complementary monitoring tool.

Programming languages that support network sockets can easily connect to Swiss Server and work with the Swiss Pi. You can find useful resources in the source code:

Swiss RS-485 Control provides direct access to the RS-485 controller on the Swiss Pi. You won't normally need to run this program as the Swiss Server can handle most RS-485 features. Nonetheless, if you intend to learn more about the RS-485 function or you want to run the detection procedure for calibrating the baud information file, this program is your best friend.

Software - Real-time Clock

The Swiss Pi relies on the AbioCard software package for supporting the real-time clock.

Execute the script called to install program abiocardtime. The script will add abiocardtime to the root's cron table in order to update the system time during boot-up and once a day.

Software - I/O Card Explorer

You can run this tool locally on your Raspberry Pi or remotely on a Linux or Windows computer to control your Swiss Pi. I/O Card Explorer supports direct I/O with Swiss Pi, use of AxiCat adapter, and tunneling over Swiss Server.

When connected to Swiss Server, I/O Card Explorer is a very handy tool for inspecting the state of the Swiss Pi in a non-intrusive way while other programs are working with the Swiss Pi.

I/O Card Explorer

Demo - Controlling RGB LEDs using a Tablet

This is a video of the Big Demo that's part of the examples of the PHP client for Swiss Server (see swissclient-php in the source code).

The configuration in the video was set up as follows:

Demo - Dance of the Servo Motors

Demo - Various Servo Motors

Demo - DC Motor and Linear Actuator

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