Documentation of each sketch can be found in the top of the source.

The sketches were developed and tested for various versions of Arduino IDE and required libraries, depending on the period of time they were released. See the documentation in the sketches for more information.

When using the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE, make sure the end-of-line and baud rate settings correspond with the documention in the source of the sketch.

Direct Access

Provides direct access to the tubes and LEDs. You can turn on and off individual segments and dots in the tubes, and control a PWM duty cycle for illuminating the LEDs.


IV-3 VFD Shield with DS1307 RTC and DS18B20 temperature sensor. The left picture shows the time, the right picture shows the temperature. A warm day it was.


Works with 1-Wire temperature sensors. The program supports DS18B20, DS18S20 and DS1822.

Volt Meter

This program displays voltage measured on pin A5.


Example animation of tubes, PWM animation of LEDs.